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Addictive Football

Playing Tips


The game follows 5-a-side rules, however, there are no throw-ins, offsides or corner kicks. The whole game is played within an enclosed pitch.


There is no slide tackle button in the game so you have to use skill to win the ball off of your opponent. This makes for a faster game with no slow-down in the action for fouls, penalties, free kicks etc.

Pitch Type

There are 6 different pitches you can choose to play on in the full version of the game. They are Grass, Astro, Concrete, Indoor, Ice and Futuristic. Each pitch type will affect the ball differently. For example, the ball will run faster on the indoor pitch than it will on the grass pitch.


Choose your opponents carefully. Each team has a set of different attributes which vary from running speed to kick strength and ball skills.

Goal Keepers

The goal keepers in the game can be tough to beat at first. Sometimes shooting from a distance will give you the advantage.

Controlling the Goalie

The goal keeper(s) in the game are computer controlled however, you can control the goal kick. You can press the Pass key for a short but precise kick and the Shoot button to boot the ball upfield.

Passing the ball

When you have the ball an arrow will appear above the head of your team mate that you can pass to. Press the Pass key to make the pass. If you want to make a very long pass in the direction you are facing then it's best to use the Shoot key.

Play a Sneaky Pass

By hitting the ball off the ad boards or off the sides of the pitch. Get the angle right and you can outwit the fastest opponents.

Custom Game Mode

You can use the Custom Game Mode to setup a slow and stupid opponent so you can practice your skills against them. Perfect for the beginner.

Team Name Editor

Use the Team Name Editor to rename all the teams in the game (only available in the full version). It's great to rename the teams to your favourite real world teams.

Players Name Editor

Use the Player Name Editor to rename all the players in your squad. Again, you can rename them to your favourite professional players or anything you want.




Download the full version of Addictive Football - It's FREE



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