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Coin World Arcade Platform game

Playing Tips

You are not restricted by the edges of the screen

If you run off the left side of the screen you will re-appear on the right hand side of the screen. This also works for the bottom of the play area unless it is covered by spikes or water.

Kill all enemies for extra bonus

If you've killed all the enemies on a level by jumping on their heads, a credit card bonus will drop into the play area. Pick it up for an extra 500 points.

Invincibility Bonus

This bonus coin has a "thumbs-up" symbol on it. Collect it and you become invincible for 10 seconds allowing you to just run into enemies to kill them. Beware: Even with this bonus you can still be killed by spikes or water! Also, if you've set the difficulty level to "Hard" in the Options menu then the invincibility bonus will no longer be available.

Don't hang around!

If you take too long on a level you will get a "Hurry Up" message on the screen. After the message Colin's arch-enemy "Flash the Cash" will appear and chase you around the level. Flash cannot be killed and won't stop until you've collected all the coins or lost a life. Flash will always appear at the top of the screen so if possible it is best to start the level by collecting all the coins on the higher platforms.

Watch your head!

A lot of the levels are laid out with platforms directly above each other. So be careful when jumping as you don't want to hit an enemy on the platform above.

Nessie helps you out!

In the Scotland levels the Loch Ness Monster (or Nessie) cannot kill you, but can act as an excellent way to cross the water - just keep bouncing on her head!

Shooting Gangsters!

Look out for the gangsters in the USA section of the game. There are two types - the first type just walk along the platforms, however be careful of the gangsters who don't move. As soon as you're in their line of site they'll start shooting.

Sand Storms

In the Egypt levels of the game the swirling sand storms can move all over the play area. They don't have a fixed movement and can change direction at any time, so be careful!

No Enemies?!?

On the last level of Egypt there are no enemies, just coins to collect. The time limit until Flash appears is very short but try and hang around as long as possible while avoiding Flash - there's bonuses to collect!

Ninja's with Swords!

In the Japan levels of the game the Ninja's will only swipe at you with their sword if you stand within a certain distance of them. If they miss with the sword they will continue to walk in your direction until they can get another attempt.

Japanese Monsters!

The large monsters in Japan cannot be killed so don't waste a life trying. They can be jumped over though, but only if you've got the Super Shoes.

Robots with guns!

The robots in Japan will only shoot at you if they are facing in your direction. Get on a small platform above them so the lasers can't hit you, and then drop in on them!




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