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This statement has been written to show Addictive 247's commitment to our visitors privacy.

1. Ordering

Placing an order with us means we have to collect certain information about you. E.g. Contact information (name, email address etc), financial information (credit/debit card).

Contact information is used only to get in touch with you when we need to. This includes sending you the products you ordered and contacting you if there is a problem with your order.

Financial information is used to bill you for the order using BMT Micros secure server. All financial information is encrypted with industry standard methods so you can feel safe ordering with us.

2.  Security

BMT Micro provide a secure server for all our online credit/debit card transactions. All personal data is encrypted with industry standard methods.

3.  Support

When you email us directly with a support query we will collect and store the information that you provide. This would usually be your name and email address. We will not use this information for anything else apart from resolving your query.

4.  Newsletter

By signing up for our newsletter you give us permission to email you the Addictive 247 Newsletter. This is usually only sent out when a new game is released or if there is a major change to a currently released game. At anytime you can Unsubscribe from this newsletter by clicking on the Unsubscribe link within the newsletter.

5.  Mobile Applications/Games

Addictive 247 also release games or apps on the Google Play Store. Most of these games are free and may contain either/or In-App Purchases or small ads displayed through AdMob. All of our Play Store listing will show which features the games include and there is also a link to this Privacy Policy there. Find out more information about AdMob HERE and read their Privacy Policy at

6.  Cookies and Google Analytics

When you visit our website we may collect certain technical information so we can analyze the visitor statistics. Our Provider of this is Google Analytics. Information such as IP address, device type, Browser type, landing pages, visits, clicks etc will then be available to us.


A Final Note

We take every visitors privacy seriously.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement then please contact us at




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