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Click for a selection of Ten Ton Ninja Screenshots

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Ten Ton Ninja

Playing Tips

The Controls: Mastering the controls in the game is the key to playing well and scoring well. They will eventually become second nature but you need to practice. Use the mouse and keys "together" not independently.

Swinging Ninja: The main point of the game is that you have a grapple line - so use it! Try to stay off the ground and re-connect to different orbs while flying through the air. Don't connect, collect and drop. Swing baby, swing!!

Ninja Skill: Staying off the ground and flying through the air increases your Ninja Skill bar. As soon as you hit the ground, the bar is reset. Build your Ninja Skill bar up for major bonus points. Any Ninja Skill remaining when you complete a level is also added to your score.

Different ways to score: The main way to score is to complete the level as fast as you can but there are numerous ways to increase your score. Go for combos, rebounds (bounce off a wall and then collect a diamond), build up your Ninja Skill bar, go for Big Air Bonuses and collect Super Diamonds and open Treasure Chests.

Enemies can be killed: Remember you're an overweight ninja! Land on enemies to kill them for bonus points. This includes taking out bats, enemy ninjas and solid blocks plus also destroying Laser and Missile silos and Electron Guns.

Time is against you: The only way to fail a level is by running out of time. It doesn't matter how many times an enemy blows you up, just keep on going.

Time Wasters: A blow from an enemies sword or hitting a contact mine will give you a Time Penalty. Landing on spikes will set the timer running down faster for as long as you stand on them. Don't linger on spikes!

Custom Levels: Custom Levels are levels created with the Level Editor. Create your own and save them into the Custom folder in the game directory and you can then access them from within the main game. Don't forget to send us your creations so we can include them on this website for everyone else to play.




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